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Reusable Gallon Bag for Storing & Prepping Meals

Reusable Gallon Bag for Storing & Prepping Meals

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Gallon bags are perfect for larger quantities of food.
  • Why choose this product?

    • Made from food grade PEVA material. 
    • BPA-free
    • The reusable gallon bags are perfect for storing meats, vegetables, fruit, cosmetics, jewelry make-up, stationery, travel and more.
    • Easy to clean and dry and can be reused hundreds of times, making it the perfect solution for reducing the waste of plastic bags. 
    • Freezer safe and hand washable. Perfect for freezing meat, chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables. Helps preserve the original flavor of food.
    • Airtight seal to keep all of your food fresh.
    • Travel safe and leak-proof. 
    • 100% recyclable.
    • The transparent design allows for a quick glance at contents inside.

Dimensions: Width: 27cm, Height: 28cm

Cleaning Instructions:

1- Handwash with soapy cold or warm water and let it air dry on top of a mug or cup to air dry. So easy!